Production Work

A collection of media work I have helped to create, write, record, film, edit, mix and remaster.


Education is Important, All Over the World [June 2014]

Stock and personal footage

This is a video that I created for my semester 1 video production class at the Australian National University.

It combines stock footage from a range of different sources on youtube with footage I filmed at an education funding cuts protest at my university. The idea of the video was to highlight the importance of education all across the world and to provide some perspective on the education funding cuts that were proposed by the Australian government at that time.

For a full outline of the workflow behind the video as well as some of the sources, please see the website that was created as a record:


Freedom of Speed [Oct 2013]

Stock footage

A video that I created combining two things that I personally love- Trance Music and Motorbikes. I transitioned the video with the high bpm audio channel to make it as exciting and engaging as possible.

Video Sources:
GoPro – New angles on motorcycle
Post turkey day ride – GO PRO HD
Best of motorcycles HD by Jaco
GHOST RIDER – TRIBUTE 2012 (Fan Video)
Supermoto Hooligans- Throwin Down
Worlds coolest motorcycle onboard camera
Riding my Kawasaki NINJA ZX6R at night. Shor using GO PRO HERO
412kmh Suzuki Hayabusa !
Suzuki Hayabusa Acceleration 0-315 km-h

Dark Matters – The Real You (Jorn Van Deynhoven Remix)


Justin’s Story [Sep 2013]
An acquaintance of mine asked me to help him record an incredible true event that happened to him, to be published in a magazine globally. It is a shocking story of death, courage and survival. He gave me a detailed first-hand recounting of the events that occurred, and I helped formulate them into a lucid and engaging report. I tried to present the events with as much integrity as possible, while capturing Justin’s range of emotions from moment to moment. Click the link below to download and view the written story:

Justin’s Story [Draft 2]


Life: Be Here Now [Sep 2013]

Stock footage

This is a video I put together from a variety of sources. I edited all of the clips and combined them into a single video with 2 separate audio channels and multiple video tracks and transitions. I hope it can inspire people to live more in the present moment as they deserve. This video is for entertainment purposes only, all credit and copyright reserved to the original respective creators.


BBC Earthflight,
BBC Planet Earth,
Best of Web 5 by Zapatou [],
Life is Beautiful – Moments That Matter Most by Mormon Channel []

Music by Andrew Bayer – Closing Act [],
Speech by Osho []


School for Life [2011]

Personal footage

This was a project for a foundation which runs a school to help disadvantaged children, ranging from orphans to children from hill tribe communties who have no acess to education.

The project’s aim was to instigatea call to action from the viewer to find out more by giving a small insight to the school.

Firstly I spent a day at the school to research the locaton, and meet the children. Following this, I then made a storyboard and script which i sent for approval to the school.

I then spent a day at the school working with the canon 5D ensuring that i had the shots my approved script and storyboard required.

The footage from the camera is recorded using the H264 codec which is unsuitable to use for video I transcoded the video to the HDV codec and edited from there.

I spent a few days going through the material to make a rough cut which i sent to the client for approval. Once received I made the final adjustments as requested.
I then output the final film as a file suitable to be used on a website, and DVD.


Panom: Cousin to the clouds [2011]

Provided footage

This is a film by Galen Garwood which details the plight of the captive Asian elephant. The film explores the role of the elephant now relegated to simply entertaining tourists and the continued decline of the Asian elephant population.

i was given a roughly mixed sound track and i was asked to clean it up, which involved many tasks.

The first of these was the noise removal of various background ambience, earth hums and even the noise of an aeroplane.
I then also had to remove many clicks, pops and other broadband noises from the mix.

I then smoothed many audio transitions where there were hard cuts and breaks.
Then, to fill in gaps in the audio i added reverb and static ambient noise.
i also had to sync up dialouge which had slipped.during editing of the video.

Once complete, I experimented with various combinations of multi-band compression, EQ, harmonic enhancment and gain to get what I considered to be the best overall sound.

I then output the audio and delivered a stereo file to the client, who asked for no changes to my mix.


Learn Lap Slide Guitar with Lance Davis [2010]

Personal footage

For this project I was asked to record and edit an instructional DVD, teaching people how to play lap slide guitar. 
Firstly I had to set up the storyboard and record every different section, including b-roll material, close-ups and pans.
I then had to arrange all of the material in order, decide on the best takes, and optimise the quality. I then had to cut out scenes, and add additional material.
I then had to render in both NTSC and PAL, and put the video onto a DVD, with an application.

For more info see:


Mr. Roesti- Trailer (Updated 26/1/10) [2010]

For this project I was given a series of animated clips and asked to compile them into a project.
Firstly I had to organise them in chronological order using a video editing program (Sony Vegas), and a storyboard.
I then had to edit the animation to trailer length, using scenes which best outlined the animation.
I then used a sound library to select appropriate sounds to illustrate key moments in the story, and select accompanying music.
I then had to select a suitable rendering format and then convert to a flash video in order to upload to the website.
For more information please go to


NCNN Climate Change Promotional Video [2010]

Climate Action Promotional Video
For this project, the Northern climate Change Network (NCCN), based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, requested a promotional video to support a recent rally that was held. I was given a range of photographs from numerous events and used a video editing program (Sony Vegas) to choose the most beneficial photos, and arrange these in a suitable order. I then added a range of transitions, effects and animations to add variety and interest to the presentation. 
I then rendered and completed the project, and converted it to an appropriate format for online video streaming.
For more information please visit:


SPB Mobile Soundset [2010]

For this project, SPB software- one of the largest producers of mobile phone technology in the world- required a sound set to accompany a video demonstration of their new graphical user interface, ‘Mobile Shell 5.0’.
I was required to assign different sounds to actions in the interface, working to a theme and using a databasing tool.


2 thoughts on “Production Work

  1. “School for Life” is a beautiful short documentary.

  2. Thanks Lynne, i’m glad you enjoyed it! It is about a real school in northern Thailand.

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