Finding Freedom

Your mission in life is to look within and find out who you really are in order to discover the freedom society has repressed in you. Don’t take what society teaches you as the ultimate truth. Everybody has a tiny voice in the back of their head telling them if they are living their life to it’s full potential or not. Whether that be in your outer physical actions such as a job, living situation or relationship, or your inner mental state which has become so tied up in things that there is no longer any room for happiness. Whether you choose to listen to that voice is up to you.

Hardly anybody in this society is truly free. People have lost their wild side and forgotten the beauty of the present moment. They are not excited by anything anymore. Most people you meet in this day and age are living in some degree of perpetual anxiety, fear or depression. We find it so hard to recognise because most people are living in that state. But really take a moment to look around at the people who surround you. Where is the joy? The reason is that people have come to live only through the negative ideas and perceptions constructed by society. As a group, we have not evolved enough yet to free ourselves from our restrictive mental constructs.

Don’t forget you are born into this world full of freedom and vigour and enthusiasm and so much joy. Just look at a child and you will remember your potential for a moment. It is our right to be happy. The point of our lives is to bring more love into the world. This is why it is so beneficial to listen to the teachings of gurus and wise people who have found this life essence again. Or you can find it again through some kind of practice or ritual, be it creativity, meditation, exercise, festivals, music, sex, travel, a skill, a sport, a game- anything that frees you again for just a moment. Do it often and enter into it mindfully and come back into the world with a fresh perspective and renewed energy and vitality.

Whatever you choose to do with your life, don’t forget about a thing called love.


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