We’re All We Need

“Death is not the greatest loss,
The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we’re still alive.”

And what is it that dies inside of us? Our capacity to experience Love.

As you move through life your mind starts to fill up with a lot of unnecessary noise. This static sometimes gets so loud that you start forgetting who you are underneath it all. Your true self is always there underneath, waiting for you to uncover it again. What you seek is also seeking you. Just tune the tv and remove the static to see the picture a little more clearly again. Stop taking your thoughts so seriously. Keep your mind quiet.

There are two kinds of beggars: poor beggars and rich beggars, but they are all beggars. Even your kings and your queens are beggars.
Only those people, very few people who have stood alone in their being, in their clarity, in their light, who have found their own light, who have found their own flowering, who have found their own space they can call their home, their eternal home — those few people are the emperors. This whole universe is their empire. They don’t need to conquer it; it is already conquered.
By knowing yourself you have conquered it.



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