Love and Creativity

I had a great realisation yesterday- Love is simply the inherent urge to feel completeness. This feeling of apparent incompleteness is the calling to return to the one source which we all came from and a mark of the illusion of seperation that the human mind has created.

We temporarily merge with things that help us feel love like relationships and music. They take us outside of our limited perspective and show us the truth of the oneness of everything, in which there is no fear.

Just like the tension builds and releases in music, existence is infinitely creating and destroying on every level in a continuous pendulum swing of change. I think of it as the breathing of God.

Love is when the search temporarily ceases and we feel unity with the whole again.

Creative endeavour is simply a ‘labour of love’, whereby we pour our time and energy into something which helps to illustrate the silence from whence it came (and therefore love), and instill this in others. Creativity is just an illustration of perfection. This is why I am so happy that I have decided to dedicate myself to the creation of music.


“This longing for freedom, for peace, for happiness that each of us feels is the echo in each of our finite minds, the echo of the true freedom of infinite Consciousness. There is no other freedom than the freedom of infinite Consciousness. Infinite Consciousness is freedom, peace and happiness itself, and the desire that each of us feels for that freedom, peace, happiness and love is the pull that infinite Consciousness exerts on the finite mind.

The finite mind feels that pull in the form of suffering: ‘I long for happiness’. The separate self feels that it is doing the longing, but it is not. It is infinite Consciousness that is exerting a force on the finite mind, drawing it back into itself. It is this pull from infinite Consciousness on the finite mind that is what the finite mind calls the desire for happiness.

God’s infinite Being shines in each of our minds as the knowledge ‘I am’. That is why the ultimate spiritual practice is to give the ‘I’ that I am our attention, to allow the mind to sink back into its subjective source. As it does so it is temporarily, in most cases, occasionally suddenly, divested of its finite limitations and stands revealed as infinite Consciousness, God’s infinite Being, the only Being there is, the heart that we all share, the heart we all are.

The experience of love is simply the knowledge of our shared Being. When we love, we feel one with the other. Love is the experience of our shared Being. Is there any experience the separate self desires more than the experience of love?” -Rupert Spira

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