The Nature of the Ego

Why is it that humans can’t be happy with what they already have? Why do we have such a tendency towards destruction? When we have a good thing why can’t we just appreciate it for what it is?

I think it comes down to the nature of the ego. The ego is the part of us that always needs something more in order to be fulfilled, and with an absence of love comes an abundance of ego. Society is all around us constantly reinforcing this mindset and that’s why it can be so easy to fall into this pattern of thinking. For example when we are in a relationship, the ego may be there in the background, stopping you from being content with what you already have and needing something more, such as a need to create drama in order to reiterate the other’s attraction to you because you cannot simply accept what you have already in that moment. The ego essentially manifests when you have lost your connection with yourself and you are not living in the moment, and it will arise as a desire for something more than what you already have.

We all have our moments where the ego blinds us to what is right in front of us, but each time we make a mistake and we then recognized the ego for what it is, it then weakens by the act of us becoming aware of it. That is why I truly believe that mistakes are proof that you’re trying, as long you use them properly. You need to be able to first make the mistake in order to learn from the experience. Pain is just a lesson you haven’t learnt yet.

We are all collectively going through the motions and learning together and it is important to remember to forgive yourself and not be too hard on yourself, otherwise you will just create more unnecessary resistance. It is also equally important to practice empathy with others and recognise the ego in them and be forgiving of it and help them to grow and learn when they make mistakes.

Through living in the moment and remembering to love yourself, the ego will never manifest in this way and you will avoid so much unnecessary pain and confusion. Through your experiences and continued effort, you will slowly start to change who you are and the patterns of thought that society has imposed on you since you were born. The key to changing your outlook and becoming a more positive person is to simply learn from your mistakes and always practice mindfulness, as the ego cannot manifest if you don’t let it. It is also important to be kind to yourself and recognise when you have overcome a challenge in your life but also take it seriously when you see you have made a mistake. It is also good to remember that the majority of humans are all in the same boat and we all have our moments.

“The mind is a beautiful servant but a dangerous master.”


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