The Negativity of Expectation

In the long, twisting road to inner peace, one of the many obstacles we encounter is our own expectations. Are expectations not generally unnecessary? Expectation means applying your own filter to a situation, and your happiness then being dependant on how it measures up. Granted if something exceeds your expectations you will be pleasantly surprised, but if something does not meet them you will be far more upset had you not had any to begin with. You are essentially setting yourself up for failure before you have even begun. Any creativity you had in the moment is also stifled by the direction you believe the situation should be moving in. If you go to hang out with a girl that you like and the whole time you are expecting her to like you then you will not be yourself. You will be afraid that she won’t like you, and you will act based on this fear.

At the very root of the problem lies that same reason behind all problems: you are not being present, you are not living in the moment. The expectation will come between you and the experience, and all spontaneity will be lost. You have become attached to the results. If you go to make a song and you expect it to sound  a certain way, you will loose the creativity you could have had. Sure you can have rules and guidelines, like wanting to make a certain genre of music, but as soon as you expect your song to do or be something you have developed attachment to the results. The flexibility and creative potential you had before has been lost. I think the key is to have these desires and wants in your mind, but to accept the fact that they can and often will change.

The very same concept that I have encountered time and time again echoes throughout every walk of life. It threads it’s way through every element in the human condition. If you have the strength of supreme, unwavering inner peace, you won’t have these expectations. Or perhaps more specifically, you will not be affected when things don’t live up to them. It will be a tiny ripple in your ocean of inner peace.6883109-ripples

Perhaps it is finally time for me to drop my attachment to the worldly ventures that have been holding me back thus far. Whenever I have considered it in the past, I have felt instant resistance. You would think that you can only get burnt by a fire so many times before you decide to stop putting your hand in it. But unfortunately that’s not the way the human mind works. We have a conscious and a subconscious mind, and we spend so much time acting unconsciously, without any thought to the things we are doing. We simply act in line with the collective negative patterns of thought and action that have accumulated throughout history that now permeate the world. Negativity surrounds us on a daily basis, and expectations are just one of the manifestations of this negativity. Unless we make a decision, nothing will ever change. The word ‘Karma’ literally translated means ‘Action’, and this is what it is referring to. Your actions directly affecting your life.

I think that through my life experiences I am starting to come to terms with all of this information. After all, it is one thing to think you know something in theory because you have heard wise people who you trust say it, but it is another thing actually understanding it, acting on it; and living it.


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