The Cycle of Externality and the Way Out

Relying on external circumstances to make you happy is one of the fundamental problems with the human race today. Inner peace is an easy concept to grasp when most things are going your way, but challenging when you need to actually put it into practice. It can only really be lived when you have experienced both sides of the equation- getting something and not getting something. We have all obsessed over getting one thing or another. As soon as you give up trying to get it, you come closer to actually getting it. You can literally have nothing one moment and then everything the next. Instead of fuelling your material search, this experience should instead highlight its futility.

You always want what you don’t have, unless you have that inner peace. If you are internally happy, it honestly won’t matter what externalities you do or don’t have, because you are already fulfilled. The man with the girlfriend wants one night stands. The man who is always having one night stands will want a relationship. Both will be fulfilled to some extent in different ways by what they want. You might think that someone who has a partner doesn’t want to sleep around because they have already got a strong relationship which is making them happy. But that relationship doesn’t create the happiness, it just shows you the way to opening your heart. You are the one who creates it. This is the principal of inner peace.

The only way you will overcome this paradox is to reach a state of ‘no-mind’. This is not literally a state of having no mind (because you would be dead), but it is instead a state of no ego, pure mindfulness, living in the moment, whatever you want to call it. It is something which can only be experienced, not explained. It is a state divorced from your usual mode of operation of searching and seeking. In this state everything will flow naturally as you won’t have attachment to them. You start to appreciate the things you have in your life currently more and the urge to constantly seek new things starts to wane.

I don’t want to spend too much time explaining this state, because if you want to live in that mindset you can experience it for yourself. The point of this post is instead to show (or remind) that it is indeed possible to escape the cycle. Then again perhaps that is the point of all of my posts 🙂

The message is to give up your search for material satisfaction. The mere thought brings intense resistance from my ego already. But I know it will be worth it in the end!



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