You Cannot Force Inner Peace

Every time I come to a revelation concerning awareness, I make an effort to write it down for the benefit of myself and others.

My most recent revelation concerns the difference between ‘forcing’ a state of mind and ‘letting go’ of external negating factors so that it might arise naturally.


Fustration- a common side effect of not living in the moment

When experiencing a moment of serene and profound inner peace, it is most likely that it will not last forever, and as is normal with the powerful nature of the ego, you will be sucked back into negativity soon enough. It is a natural impulse to want to hold on to that positive feeling and emulate it in the future. Unless you clearly know what it is that you want to emulate then you will most likely develop attachment again in your quest to find it. It is rhetorical in its nature and unless you take exactly the same path as you did last time you will not find that peace again. What you forget is that you can never force inner peace, but only allow it to arise. The harder you try to live in the moment, the less you will actually be living in the moment. You have to let go of even the urge to let go, it’s actually escaping the whole cycle, or perhaps more accurately- accepting it.

Another problem I have encountered whilst trying to live in the moment, is that as soon as I try to be present, my brain automatically starts making excuses as to why I shouldn’t be present. “What about the bad things that might happen in the future? You can’t just stop worrying about them now.” This is the ego you must fight! Listen to it, and be logical. What do you stand to gain by obeying it?

So to summarise, you need to focus on letting go and make sure that your efforts don’t become counterproductive. You need to maintain the upmost integrity and become an ‘open & surrendered’ being.  This living in the moment is summarised nicley in a book called ‘Be Here Now’ by Ram Dass. Here are some extracts from that book:



Ram Dass- A man who was never absent

“1. Ask yourself: Where am I? 

Answer: Here.
Ask yourself: What time is it? 
Answer: Now. 
Say it until you can hear it. 

“2. Set alarm clocks or design your day or put up notes on the wall so that a number of times during the day when you are in the midst of various occupations you confront yourself with the questions: 
(a) Where Am I? and then answer “Here”
(b) What time is it? and then answer “Now”
“Each time you do this, try to feel the immediacy of the Here and Now. Begin to notice that wherever you go or whatever time it is by the clock . . . it is ALWAYS HERE AND NOW. In fact you will begin to see that you can’t get away from the HERE and NOW. Let the clock and the earth do their ‘thing’ . . . let the comings and goings of life continue . . . But YOU stay HERE and NOW. This is an exercise to bring you to the ETERNAL PRESENT . . . where it all is.”

“3. For specific periods of time focus your thoughts in the present. 

“4. Reflect on the thought that if you are truly Here and Now 
(a) it is ENOUGH, and
(b) you will have optimum power and understanding to do the best thing at the given moment. Thus when ‘then’ (the future) becomes Now — if you have learned this discipline — you will then be in an ideal position to do the best thing. So you need not spend your time now worrying about then. 

“5. Reflect on the fact that you can plan the future in the Here and Now as long as when then is Now . . . you are fully Here and Now. Seem paradoxical? Of course! Keep reflecting!”

So, the moral of the story?
Just keep trying. There isn’t some mystical thing you are not understanding. There is a simple principle that you are not doing.
That is why the direct English translation of ‘Karma‘ is ‘Action


What time is it? Now.

And remember, don’t take life too seriously- nobody makes it out alive after all.

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