You Must Let Go of Everything


Before you can succeed, you have to let go of EVERYTHING first! That even includes the attachment to letting go itself. Moments of fre

edom are completely unforced. You stay silent and alert and the energy of life starts flowing naturally through you. Its ironic that as soon as you give up your attachment to being free, you gain freedom. But of course, that’s how it works. Unfortunately most of us have to go through that stage to get to the other side. What I am trying to say is do not get stuck there, but stride ever onwards with patience.

There are many terms for a state of freedom- Mindfulness, Meditation, Alertness, Silent Observation, No-mind and more. I like the term Awakeness. This seems to be the closest to what you really practice. The most important thing for me is realising that we are not separate from the world around us. We are just part of cause and effect. If we continue to place so much importance on ourselves, then we will create negativity and trapped energy. We need to completely surrender ourselves in the river of life. And we can do that by realising that we are all one, realising that there is never really any ‘I’. And when you realise that how can anything ever really matter? How can the ego exist? The ego needs all this importance that we place on ourselves.


I heard a good analogy that humans are like whirlpools in a river, the whirlpool eventually forms (our life begins), spins around for a while and then eventually dissipates. We should not try to hold onto this force but instead just try to understand and accept the true nature of what we really are. Before long you will just be part of the river again anyway.

If you think I repeat myself, thats because I do. Another thing I have learnt is that the quest for freedom is not about pursuing new knowledge, but reinforcing the timeless inner knowledge that we all have deep down inside us all. Osho describes it as ‘hammering your brain’, destroying the ego by hearing the truth over and over again. Every time you have a little insight and a littlespark of recognition, you weaken the ego just that little bit more.

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  1. insightful

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