Breakthrough Moments

30/3/2013Breakthrough Circle
Sometimes the efforts we put towards the pursuit of happiness pay off, and we have what I like to think of as a ‘breakthrough moment’.

Childlike happiness, carefree laughter, the rose-tinted glasses of life. Why? Because for a moment instead of simply thinking, we are doing.  To look back upon your ego in such a state ofdetachment is to see madness. The following is a personal account of some past developments that lead me to one such moment of clarity: 

“I have been trying to stay in a state of ‘awareness‘ and ‘observance‘ (as it is called in Buddhism) but I have realised that the ego can even slip in even here unnoticed, and this is the difference between just observing and truly being free. It is hard to explain, and the difference is subtle, but the thing that was (and still is) holding me back was that I was still attached to my false sense of identity. I was maintaining that I was separate from the rest of the world, and in that way was trying to force happiness upon myself. This is just creating expectations and further criterion for failure or success. In a book I was reading called ‘The Book of Wisdom’ by Osho, it said that there is no observer and no object, existence simply is. Humans are the ones who create the distinction. In maintaining the false image of separation I was not able to be truly free as I was still clinging to something. It said that when you are looking at a rose, forget that you think you are a subject looking at an object and just ‘loose yourself in it all’. This is when the distinction truly melts, and you drop the sense of self, duality and the ego (all essentially interconnected anyway). The ego is forever trying to gain a foothold [note- I find it easier for me to observe the ego as a separate entity even though it is still essentially part of me] however I know with willpower and consistent effort my work is not in vain. Moments like this fill me with hope and remind me that true peace and happiness is indeed a realistic possibility 🙂 “


Here is the extract from the book:


“Then what has to be done? Melting has to be done, merging has to be done. Seeing a rose-flower  forget completely that there is an object seen and an object as a seer. Let the beauty of the moment overwhelm you both so the rose and you are no more separate and you become one.”



Osho- Generally considered an all-around great guy.

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2 thoughts on “Breakthrough Moments

  1. I too have hope that I can overcome my ego. Great post!

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