Life’s meaning & self-created negativity



1. Why do we question our own existence?

At the core of the meaning of life, it’s and subsequent discontent, lies the human ego.
Human’s always ask: “What is the meaning of life?”
Where does this question even come from? What does it even mean anyway? It comes from the human mind. And there is no real meaning, as it is not even a real question. Of course there is no single or simple answer to ‘What is the meaning of life’. Tree’s do not ask this question, and as far as I am aware neither do cat’s or dog’s. So why do we place so much importance on the answer, if humans are the only one’s asking the question? And even then, only it seems with the birth of the homo sapiens within perhaps the last 10,000 years maximum. imagesI think this existential anxiety comes as a result of our increased intelligence. If you are not intelligent, you would not have the capacity to ask these questions. And even with intelligence, it hasonly developed through certain conditions which came together to form the ego. Regardless of how it came about however, we need to understand why we ask these questions. It is a result of our evolution and conditioning into a mindset which constantly asks questions and demands answers.


As we evolved, we came to rely on answers and resolving questions which brings us temporary satisfaction, in order for our goals to be met. If we live in a way where we are attached to results, then we will always be looking for answers. Peace does not factor in a question or an answer, as it is above the human ego. When we meditate we rise above the chaos and duality we have created and we live in a state of simple existence. That is why in pure meditation, we are not asking questions, we simply let go of them. We need to realise that we are not separate from the world around us, and when we look at an object we need to be in a state of oneness. This means (in the words of Osho) realising that there is no subject and no object, simply existence.

It is easy for me to write these words, words that have been echoed by enlightened masters around the world, but to live it is the only thing that makes a difference. I even write this now as an unenlightened person. When you ask about the meaning of life, something in you is reaching out for answers and contentment, so just direct your attention inwards and try to recognise your false sense of self.

This is the ego, and when you are free from it you will dance with the meaning of life.


2. Self-created negative emotions

Your identification with yoheadinhands-300x199ur false sense of self will create unnecessary pain. If somebody holds a gun to your head, chances are you will be afraid. This is not unnecessary pain, this is what keeps us alive. This is not ‘pain’ or ‘fear’ it is just a reaction, cause and effect. Just as you cannot escape hunger and thirst, you cannot escape your human instincts. We can however be free from the pain we create, which is quite significant  This comes in the forms of jealousy, anger, anxiety, depression and cynicism. Let’s say that we are jealous. This emotion comes from your identification with your false sense of self when you compare yourself to others. You think you are entitled to something and you deserve it, and you are not getting it. If you realised the truth of life, you would not have any inner resistance as you would have already accepted life for the way it is. It is quite clear that life is not fair, so you must simply make the best of what you have. If you have no inner void to fill, created by your craving ego, then you will have no desire to reach out for other things that you think will satisfy you.

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2 thoughts on “Life’s meaning & self-created negativity

  1. Excellent post, well done 🙂

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