Meeting some locals [3]

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Meeting some locals

Today I moved to my hostel in Kho San road. I walked around the area and was stopped by an Indian fortune teller dude. He seemed nice enough and he told me some things about my life and that I had a ‘moon face’ whatever that means, and then he gave me a necklace and asked me to give him heaps of money so I kinda left after that.

It might be small, but its $10 a night!

At night time I met up with a Thai girl I had met the previous night drinking with one of the guys who works at the airport hotel. She bought 4 of her girl friends and 1 guy who was scared of cars. It was nice getting to know them but they hardly spoke any English so it was hard to communicate. I managed to drop literally a whole bowl of soup in my lap so that was shit and I had to go change my clothes. Then we went to a local bar and listened to a Thai band, which were actually surprisingly good but they just lip synced the words to famous bands like Maroon 5. Everyone drinks this horrible but cheap whisky called Sam Song in Thailand, they mix it with soda water. It is actually really gross but like $3 for a whole bottle. It was cool being with some locals as the hawkers don’t harass you, and you get to not be a tourist (kinda).

After that I decided to go back and sleep at the hostel but as I was walking back I met a cool tuk tuk driver called Rambo and he promised to show me a ‘good time’ so I went along with it. Rambo drove his tuk tuk really fast while drinking a beer and ended up driving me to a Thai strip club which was pretty random. After drinking some more with Rambo,  he then drove me back to the hostel where I ate a huge Pad Thai and went to sleep.

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