Goodbye Thailand [11]

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The time has come for me to say goodbye to Thailand. I have been here for 5 months now, and even the woman at the Burmese border has said I can’t do any more visa runs. Considering my money is slowly declining (although I have managed to spend not very much in light to how long I have stayed here) I have figured that it would be best to make it to Europe for a few reasons, mainly because I have a UK passport, meaning that I can work and live anywhere in the EU with minimal effort. This will allow maximum sustainability of travel, as well as western countries offering many bonuses, such as:

-Not smelling like poo everywhere

-English speaking people who are not entirely stupid (less of a language barrier)
-Basic rules and standards that keep a country running effectively
-Not almost dying whenever I go near a road
-Basic hygiene (toilets are not holes in the ground)
-Personable and interesting people
-History and culture
-The opportunity to explore future career options
So now its time for a quick summary of what I have done in my time here in Thailand.
-Arrived in Bangkok and was confused
-Did some exploring
-Took the train to Chiang Mai
-Went on a trek in Chiang Mai, Elephant Riding, Bamboo Rafting and partying around the city
-Looked around for a teaching job
-Bought a motorbike (CBR 150R)
-Volunteered working at School for Life at a rural school in Chiang Mai
-Went to Loi Kratong, festival of Lights
-Crashed a big rented motorbike (and didn’t end up paying for it)
-Worked with Dragonfly English Camps travelling to different places around Thailand (6 in total)
-Meditated for 3 weeks at a temple in Chiang Mai
-Partied down south with my friends at Koh Pangan, Samui and Tao, including the full moon party
-Explored Pai for a while and worked helping build a temple in exchange for free accommodation at a yoga studio
Not bad for 5 months 🙂
I have had a really great time here in Thailand, and over this time my attitude and perspective on life has defiantly changed for the better.
For example if I am happy now, its because when I wasn’t happy, I worked to identify the cause of the unhappiness and resolved it. I like to think of it as ‘taking yourself out of the equation’ which is all too hard these days, but constant vigilance yields results. I’m recording my thoughts about this more as a personal record for myself to look back on later.I just watched a movie called ‘The Rum Diary’ which is based on the life of a journalist called Paul Kemp who takes on a freelance journalism job with a struggling newspaper company in Costa Rica (Central America). He is basically outlining all the flaws in the great ‘American Dream’ of the 60’s and he ends up trying to expose a group of expats on the island who are using money and corruption to establish a group of hotels in the pristine island paradise. It really inspired me (even though he failed in the end), showing how the truth can be expressed through writing. It kind of makes me think about perhaps becoming a journalist one day, or something to that extent. I have always wanted to change the world for the better (but don’t we all?) and I have always been good at writing so maybe its something I could consider- photojournalism, videography, writing, blogging, all thee things that can make a difference in the world and public opinion. There are many ways to change the world though, film, music, art, compassion, speaking, fighting, loving, the list goes on. It’s about exposing the truth that people have forgotten or had hidden from them. Perhaps I just need to find the way I can contribute my own small part.

So, back to the point- its time for me to leave Thailand!

Next stop Europe… Until next time!

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