Getting ready to depart [1]

Saturday, 7 July 2012

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Currently, I am still in Sydney.

I am still working on my Teaching English as a Foreign Language qualification, but that should be done quite soon. I am thinking about a September or October leaving date. As to where I am going, that is something I still need to decide. I know its going to be somewhere in Asia, and somewhere fairly nice and not too backwards. I am leaning away from China and Korea, I was thinking perhaps Thailand (Bangkok) or Japan or Singapore. Somewhere like that! Whenever I see a picture of the Earth or i’m zoomed really far into Google maps, I remember how big the world is. And that everything in my life is all just happening on this relatively small ball of atmosphere. Humans were meant to be nomadic I think. I mean people can argue forever about whats really ‘natural’, but the worlds a big place and it feels right.

I have bought myself a nice new camera, the Sony NEX5 to take photos wherever I go.
As I learn more about what it will really means to be a teacher the more I realise how much of a big task it will be. To stand in front of these students who will expect so much of me! Lucky I already know how to speak the language at least.
I have a new job that starts on Monday, which will be my final job in Australia, which I will be using to pay the last of my rent, and to save up and buy a plane ticket. It seems things are all changing in Sydney at the moment, my apartment lease will be over soon, a lot of my friends have gone travelling including Rusty who just went around Europe and to study in Sweden for a bit. My sister just got an internship to study in an international government related position, and it seems like everyone around me is at the stage where they are figuring out what they want to do with their lives. Its certainly how I feel at the moment anyway!
I feel like I have just the right balance of youthful endeavour coupled with some small amount of wisdom to go travelling. You need a mix of things to set out and do something like this, and in no small measure is rash thinking a factor. But still they say life is like a book and those who don’t travel read only one page. I think part of my motivation to go travelling in the first place stems from the adventure I had sailing from England to Australia with my parents when I was 12. I know the world is a big place (from what I can remember) and now I just want to get out there where im actually at the age to appreciate it.
I always come across great people with profound insight into the world and happiness and one trait they all share is their knowledge of travel and the world around them. As a believer in the ‘eternal balance’, I think that if a person were to be born in a nice wealthy area, but never got a chance to see the other side of the spectrum, how can they appreciate what they have? Sure things are okay when you are in a nice situation, but at the same time there is always another side to it, someone else living in poverty, and someone else who is less fortunate being exploited to make the jeans im wearing, for example.
Anyways didn’t mean to ramble on for a bit there, just wanted to verbalise some of my motivations for going travelling! I found a nice quote from a guy called Henry Rollins, which ive just posted below.
Henry seems like an interesting guy so ill do some more research on him.
I’ll update this blog when I get closer to my departure date.
Until next time!
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